Winter at Far Enough Farm

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Centreville Amusement Park sleeps in the winter but the nearby animals at the #Toronto Islands zoo keep company with a multitude of ducks during the off season. The animal collection is open to visitors year round from 8 am to 4 pm. Remember that in the winter season the Island Ferries only go to Ward's Island so you have to walk or ride your bike from Ward's Island to get to Centre Island. Also most, if not all, of the public washrooms on the Islands are closed in winter so plan ahead.
A peacock spreads his fancy feathers
A mountain goat climbs a mountain of picnic tables

Tiny horses
When you walk through the zoo grounds you part the sea of ducks

My fave was the peacocks - see more of the colourful birds after the jump.

Tucking the head back into the wings help to keep the bird warm
The back view
Leaping from the cedar fence

Looking impressive - ready for the clubs


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