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A family of tortoise went on a picnic.
They packed food and set out to a place they had selected behind the hills.
 When they reached the spot,
they unpacked their picnic basket.
They realized they had forgotten to bring salt. Food without salt is tasteless.
They had a conference to decide who should go back and get salt.
 After a lot of discussion,
the youngest tortoise was chosen,
as he was faster than the others.
The youngest objected on the ground that before he could come back the others might eat the snacks.
But they assured him they would wait for him to come back with salt. 
Six months passed,
but the youngest tortoise did not turn up.
So the rest of the family decided to open the basket and eat the snacks.
When they opened the snack basket,
the little tortoise jumped out of the bushes and screamed,Look,
 I knew you would not wait till I came back.
 For six months I have been hiding in these bushes to make sure you would not eat without me. Now my suspicion has been confirmed,
and I am not going to get the salt.

Some of us are exactly like our suspicious tortoise : we waste our own time waiting for people to live up to our expectations. Instead of doing the right thing ourselves, we wait for others to act in ways we expect them to. We waste our time waiting for others to live according to our expectations 

Thanks & Regards
Mrs Rubina Yasmeen

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