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Posted by SOTTO Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Keeping the Balance in the Strip Club
now hiring
Keeping the Balance in the Strip Club LIKE TO

Hiring now sign

Glad to see that the economy is turning around and companies are eager to hire workers again. These guys need to hire people so badly that they didn’t have time to mention what for. As the sign says, Now hiring now. Right now we’re hiring now. LINK TO

Now Hiring Must Have a Clue

… I’ve played the game “Clue” does that count? LINK TO

I'm a SYM master!

I'm a SYM master!  LINK TO 

Clever idea.

Clever idea.

Job Opportunity WIN.

Job Opportunity WIN. LINK TO

Target your audience.

The ugly truth.

Help Wanted sign that makes unemployment more appealin


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