Driving I Insane, or, J'accusative

Posted by SOTTO Thursday, January 10, 2013

Okay, this drives I insane.
Thank you for putting Joe and I in touch."
People are overcorrecting like crazy. They know they're not supposed to say "Me and Joe went to the store." They may even know it is grammatically correct "It is I," although it sounds unbelievably pretentious and you have my permission to say "It's me" unless you are auditioning to be a butler.

 But people take it too far. The correct phrasing is "putting Joe and me" in touch."

 You know how to tell? Try this simple test. Would you ever say "putting I in touch"?

No? Then you shouldn't say "putting Joe and I."

 Just take out the other person. Use the case (I or me) that sounds natural. Now put the other person back.

I don't care if a producer screws up "your" and "you're." But come on, you guys are writers. When a writer does this, it drives I to distraction. See how distracted it makes I?


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