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rocking chair pet Rocking Chair for You and Your Pet
Your pet usually ends up sitting under your chair or a nearby table anyway, so why not design a chair that’s for both of you? The “rocking-2-gether chair” by Paul Kweton is a hybrid rocking chair and dog/cat house. Rock out with your cock(er spaniel) out! The chair is made of a birch plywood and has a little shelf underneath for your dog or cat (or other pet?) to sit with you. LINK

From catwalks to cat tunnels to more cat decorations than you can imagine, Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have let their home go to the cats. LINK

Oh I think this is ideal cat furniture - dream for every cat. Why humans always think that furniture must be for things? Why they don't understand, that we - cats need for place to see all what happens in room. These good places are always full with books, clothes and other things. They must have furniture for cats too. LINK

Brown color makes the bird house looks elegant and adorable
Jardin Chic is showing furniture that is also very “chic”. Furniture that we present this time is a Planter who has dual functions. Jardin Chic furniture collection from modern furniture is very creative and interesting. Modern Planters come with serving as house pets and birds are very sweet and cool. Furniture is also you can use as hanging pots, pots, house cats; also very creative pet houses and bird houses. Planter’s original is made of durable plastic and is a pot is very suitable for modern lifestyles. LINK

The furniture is cool urban dwelling for small cats, dogs or birds


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