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Posted by SOTTO Saturday, September 1, 2012

I have designed a new iPhone headset keeper. Originally I didn't have a keeper, and my iPhone headsets got all tangled up. Then I got this one:

It was a big improvement. But it takes a lot of turns to wind up the headset cord. A lot of turns takes more time, and it leaves the cord all twisty.

Also, only one slot to hold the cord in place. The cord has two ends, you know.

This one is cute. And it has two slots, one to hold the beginning of the cord (with the plug), one to hold the end of the cord (with the earphones):

Still, way too many turns.

I'm happier with the one I just made myself:

Four slots to hold the cords -- because when you wind the cord, you don't know where the end will wind up. The little horns keep the looped cord from slipping off the keeper.

And it takes roughly a third as many times to wind up the headset.

Also, it's free. I used a pair of scissors to make this one out of an Indigo customer card.

You're welcome!


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