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Fanboys and fangirls stream into the Metro #Toronto Convention Centre looking for love in all the right costumes. Thousands upon thousands join the pilgrimage to the colossal meeting halls full of action figures, accessories, artists, stars and of course comics. The costumes they bring span all manner of anime, television and gaming shows. These are photos from the Friday August 24 show.

The Joker

See more photos after the jump. Posted by James and Joe Hamilton.

The costumes, makeup and special coloured contact lens fill the hall. Some of the costumes are elaborate and smack you upside the head as you pass by in the crowded aisle - anyone whacked by that silver guy with giant wings - you know what I mean? The weekend cosplay culminates in the Masquerade, on stage, head to head hosted by Gordon Rose, Master of Ceremonies.

Some of the cast of CTV's Flashpoint meet the fans
David Paetkau, Sergio Di Zio and Olunike Adeliyi

Some Avengers

Julie Benz
Juliet Landau
Nana Visitor
Chris Sarandon
John Rhys Davies

William B Davis
Nelsan Erris


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